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Getting from cheesesteaks in Philly to batting practice in PNC park before watching the Buccos play in Pittsburgh is much easier with a mode of motorized conveyance. If you want to drive a car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle in the Keystone State, you’ll need a license, but it doesn’t have to be as complex as the constitution to do just that. Following our step-by-step instructions and reviewing our DOT practice tests will allow you to succeed right off the bat, with no need to come back another day to retake your learner’s permit or driver’s license etest. And with other resources like information on what IDs you need and how much everything costs, you’ll be sitting pretty.

You can ring your liberty bell louder when you’re getting paid to drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike. But in order to get your goods to an Acme in Harrisburg on time, you need a Pennsylvania commercial driver’s license (CDL). In PA you’ll have to spend as much as $94.50 for an application with another $16 if you want a Hazmat endorsement. Once you lay down your hard earned money, you’ll face the written and skills exams. On our site, we have free practice tests to make sure you have the experience you need to pass on the first go round. The practice exams feel like the real thing with question rounds for the general knowledge tests as well as for endorsements like passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal.

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Pennsylvania Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my PA Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age do I have to be in order to apply for my permit in Pennsylvania?

    You have to be 16 or older to apply for your permit in Pennsylvania.
  • What documents will I need when I go to apply for my license in Pennsylvania?

    Be sure to bring the following items with you to the DOT office:
    • Form DL 180 “Medical Qualification Certificate”
    • Form DL 180TD (If under 18) Completed by a parent, legal guardian or spouse who is 18 or older.
    • Proofs of identity such as a birth certificate, US passport, certificate of US citizenship or certificate of naturalization. The documents you need are also listed on the opposite side of Form DL 180.
    • If you are 18 or older --Two proofs of residency such as a utility bill, W-2, tax records, current weapons permit, mortgage documents, lease agreement or any document listed on the opposite side of Form DL 180.
    • Social Security Card
    • Check or Money Order for $34.50
  • Where do I go to apply for my driver’s license in PA?

    Your local Pennsylvania DOT office is the only place where you can apply for your license. Be sure to verify the time your local office does permit exams before going. Find a local office at
  • How do I contact the nearest Pennsylvania DOT office?

    The Pennsylvania DOT office will happily assist you. Just call 1800-932-4600 or go online to The hours and availability will differ according to day and location. You will always be able to reach a DOT representative by phone from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Who should bring me for my permit test in PA?

    Any licensed driver over 21 years old should bring you.
  • Do I need a physical in order to get a permit in Pennsylvania?

    A physical examination is all a part of the driver’s license process in Pennsylvania. You should get a doctor, physician assistant, chiropractor or certified registered nurse practitioner to give you a physical and fill out Form DL-180 “Medical Qualification Certificate”.
  • Is a vision test required when applying for the PA driver’s license?

    It sure is. Your vision will be tested the day you go to apply for your permit. It’s ok to wear contacts or glasses if that is what you use to see with.
  • Where do I get a photo for my Pennsylvania driver’s license taken?

    The Pennsylvania DOT uses a unique facial recognition technology feature; therefore, you can only have your photo done there. You will have your photo taken once you pass the road test. To find out more about facial recognition technology go to
  • What colors should I avoid wearing when taking picture for my license?

    There are no colors you should avoid. Wear what ever color you like!
  • Do I need to put up hair when taking driver’s license photo?

    You may wear your hair the same way you would normally wear it; however, it should not be covering your face or your eyes. The purpose of the photo is to be able to identify who you really are. Besides, you would not want to hide that amazing face!
  • What make-up to wear when I get my PA driver’s license picture taken?

    Wear your normal make-up; however, the less make-up the better. As long as you are not wearing so much make-up to where you are unrecognizable, you will be fine!
  • Why is it best not to smile when taking your drivers license picture?

    Some states are moving towards face recognition technology that will be able to uniquely identify each individual. A straight face on the photo helps distinguish who you really are. This is all in an effort to stop fraud.
  • What are some tips for getting the best out of the driver’s license picture?

    Look straight into the camera and keep a calm and relaxed face!
  • What happens after I apply for my Pennsylvania license?

    Once you have applied for your license and have your permit, you must wait at least 6 months if you are under 18 to schedule a road test. You must also acquire 65 hours of behind the wheel training before scheduling a test. If you are over age 18, you may schedule it whenever you are ready without having to meet these requirements.
  • I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do?

    If you can’t find the answer to your question above, please use our Beginner Driver Q & A Section to get a professional answer from our experts! If you need any further assistance, you’re welcome to contact us directly at
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Here’s What Other Learners from PA Are Saying:

"The test was super easy, I didn't reach even the 16th question. Got the first 15 correct! My advice is to read the handbook very well and do practice tests, don't memorize the questions and the answers, just understand the concept, and for those people who r asking if it's the same questions: well, some questions might be similar and some might be the same exactly."

Warda L., Philadelphia, PA

"Hello everyone! I started studying last Friday for 4 hours each day, I did each Pa test 3 or 4 times then when I felt like I was ready Sunday I started to practice the PA simulator exam mode test over and over again, read the handbook the same way non stop! Today passed my test in 3min and 1 mistake got my permit. I gotta admit this online training helped the process soooo much! The questions are very similar to the real test. But don't forget to read the handbook the same way, go back to each chapter as many time as you can!"

Babeth L., Pittsburgh, PA

"Here's a most recent review of this website. I failed my permit test 2 times before I found this website and took my third try yesterday after practicing with this practice test for only a day and I passed! I only got one wrong. So I recommend this practice test HIGHLY. It helped me more than the official driving handbook even did."

Brittany S., Allentown, PA

"I passed my permit test on the FIRST TRY! I was so happy. This site helped me so much. We live in a world full of technology, so why not put it to use and use it towards the ways our minds work nowadays? This worked so much better than the handbook for me. It wasn't just rereading and memorizing but actually testing yourself and putting knowledge to use. I basically focused on the marathon test and the test simulator. Recommend this site for sure!"

Maria M., Erie, Pennsylvania

"I just got my permit today! I studied hardcore for about a week and when it came time to take the test, I didn't even get to see the sixteenth question (because I got the first fifteen right). This site helped a lot. I will definitely be recommending."

Karen G., Reading, Pennsylvania

"Both myself and my daughter used this website after our relocation from England - it was amazingly helpful in terms of preparation and we both passed with 100 per cent! Thank you so much."

Penny Barker, Pennsylvania

"These practice tests were a real life saver. I studied the book but had trouble retaining the overwhelming amount of info there is to remember. I started taking these tests and kept at it till I got an almost perfect score on them. It is so much easier to study this way. I was even taking the marathon test for the third time while I was waiting at the DMV to take the permit test. And I passed! The practice tests are very similar to the real thing, and some of the questions were identical. Just watch out for tricky wording! Thanks so much for helping me pass!"

Sydney Holland, Pennsylvania

"Saw questions on the test very similar to questions on here as advertised (I took every practice quiz on here several times lol). Practice, practice and more practice makes perfect honestly! Thanks guys."

Gia B., Pennsylvania

"These are almost the exact questions that are on the written test. Take the test several times before going to PennDot and you'll do great. It's not about knowing the information it's knowing how to find it!"

Steven W, Pennsylvania

"I passed my test thanks to your website. It helped me prepare well. I went through each practice test here on your website and reread the chapters that I got the answers wrong. When I got to the test I was so nervous but the test was super easy. I was laughing through the whole test because I kept waiting for them to ask me something hard. Nope I knew everything on the exam and was done in minutes. Some of the questions on the test were worded exactly the way you have them here. I highly recommend your website to everyone who has to take the permit. It made it super easy!"

Michelle Taylor, Pennsylvania

"This website is by far the best site to use! Every question I had on the actual test was here. The answers were even in the same order. My luck I guess. I did not touch the manual, it was too long and boring. This website will help you succeed. I finished the test in 5 mins, I could not believe how easy it was. This website was like a cheat sheet. I Love it! Thank you so much!"

Jason Marz, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for all the practice tests! Passed the CDL Class B General knowledge test as well as the Air Brake and Hazmat tests. The practice I got here made all the difference! Thanks again!"

Greg F, Pennsylvania

"I failed three of the five test I took by one question. I went and took the permit test today got a 16 out of 16. Didn’t even have to answer the last four. Thank you. See yall on the road!"

Rex Barr, Pennsylvania

"I got my permit October 30th and didn't miss one. I strongly recommend this website to anyone who hasn't got a book. I went in thinking it was going to be very complex and turns out this website has had a lot of the questions that appeared on the test and I aced it. "

Lex D, Pennsylvania

"I scored 100% in first attempt. In fact first 15 were correct and did not go for 16th question. I thank the efforts of the organizations team to design these tests and providing this service. I read the manual chapter wise and visualized the scenarios and then attempted the tests. Marathon test was a real confidence booster. Thanks again & Best wishes."

Arvind S, PA

"I failed my test twice. After failing the second time, I took the huge marathon test just once, and today I passed after my third try! Thanks for your help!"

David B, Pennsylvania

"I have been putting off getting my permit for some years now and the driving manual is so darn boring. I was researching about what the most important things to know were and I came across this site. I took two of the tests the night before and passed my permit test the next day. WOOT WOOT!!!!! Scheduled driving lessons for next week. The funny thing.....about half the questions on the tests are what I saw on the quizzes from here. AWESOME SITE!!!!!"

Maryanne Fields, Pennsylvania

"Wow I can't believe I passed my permit test at age 47 and it feels so good! This site is all that and a box of popeyes chicken. Now I am helping my husband with his and I am sure that he will pass with flying colors. A very helpful site, thank you so so so much!"

Tracey Byrd, Pennsylvania

"I passed my permit, with 100% accuracy, in literally 2 minutes. This site is GOD! its amazing. For anyone who wants to ace their permit test, forget the stupid book. Just do the practice tests on here so many times that you have each question memorized. It is astonishing how identical these questions are to the actual test. If you have been using this website to study, U WILL ACE THE TEST. if uu've not been, start using it. "

John Bright, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Did all of the practice tests twice and didn’t miss a question on the test!!! These tests really do prepare you for the actual one and I recommend them to everyone!!!!!"

Anthony Z, Pennsylvania

"Thank you so much for this website! It has helped me out tremendously. Thank you!"

Gabbie W, Pennsylvania

"I took the marathon 5 times then went for my permit test and aced it! This site works for real believe it I'm real proof"

Vince C

"I was thinking about getting my permit, so I did some research online to take practice permit tests. This was the best one, and I passed my permit test!"

Chelsea McSorley, Pennsylvania
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